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What is the duration of the Masters in Information Systems program?

One Academic Year, 24 weeks; 9 months in duration

How is the program structured? Is it a full-time or part-time course?

Full time

What are the admission requirements for the program?

Academic: Level 6 Qualification on the RQF at 2:2 grade. English: MOI or IELTS 6.0 (or equivalent). We can take admissions lower than these requirements on a case-by-case basis.

Is the program accredited? Who provides the validation for the program?

Yes. The University of Chichester.

What is the teaching methodology for the program? Is it entirely online or are there any in-person components?

The course is blended. Whilst most of the course is online to allow for people who are working full time to enrol on the course, there are critical in-person components that have been scheduled at amenable times for workers, i.e., evenings and weekends.

Can you provide more details about the blended learning option? How much of the program is conducted online and how much is in-person?

Students study four modules each semester, and one of the four modules each semester will be offered face-to-face. So, 75% of the programme will be online, and 25% will be face-to-face.

Are there any specific technical requirements for the online components of the program?

Yes. You will require a laptop and a stable internet connection.

What is the curriculum like? Can you provide an overview of the subjects covered in the program?

details are accessible using this link: COURSES (holmesinstitute.uk)

Are there any specialization options within the Masters in Information Systems program?

Yes, you can specialise in either Cyber Security, Business Analytics or Project Management

How is the program assessed? Are there exams, projects, or a combination of both?

In the main programme, most of the modules are assessed by coursework. There is one final exam in semester 1. For the electives/specialisations, the split is 40% coursework and 60% final exams.

Can you provide information about the faculty members who will be teaching the program?

Tutors and lecturers are recruited based on their knowledge, experience, and qualifications in relation to the subject they are teaching. Typically tutors will have at least one qualification higher than the subject level they are teaching and will have some relevant experience in that subject. Tutors are observed regularly, and Continuing Professional Development plays a significant role in their employment. Although some lecturers will be hourly paid, we also intend to have a team of full-time tutors to give students a sense of stability throughout their studies.

What is the tuition fee for the program? Are there any scholarships or funding options available?

The tuition fee is £12,000. Currently, we have scholarships of up to £4,000.

Can international students apply for the program? Are there any specific requirements or processes for international applicants? Yes, international students can apply for the program.

Yes, international students can apply for the program. However, they will only be able to study the programme online. International students can only be accepted into the blended option of the program if they are already a legal resident of the United Kingdom and will be for the duration of the course.

Is there a deadline for submitting applications? Are there multiple intakes throughout the year?

The deadline is 15th September 2023. Applications may be accepted after this date at the discretion of the Admissions Manager.

Can you provide information about the facilities and resources available to students?

We are situated right in the heart of London, a few metres off Oxford Street, near department stores, fashion outlets, restaurants, cafés, and theatres. The Centre itself is equipped with excellent facilities to help ensure you gain the maximum benefit from your studies.

You will meet fascinating people, encounter innovative ideas, and gain an entirely new perspective on education. We are well connected to all areas of London via public transport, which makes travelling to the city quite easy.

The school itself is a perfect place to study and relax; we have classes equipped with excellent teaching facilities, as well as a dedicated student common room.

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